Zenith Brewing

What we are about.

Zenith Brewing gets its name for the founders’ love of science, discovery, and the shear magic of the stars. Zenith in this sense is the pinnacle point in the universe directly above the viewer. Reaching for the stars has always been our style and awing at the vastness of the universe is kind of something we just do.

Before creating Zenith Brewing, Byron and Brandon were roommates in college, always seeking out fun adventures and geeking out over the newest technology, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and craft beer. Unfortunately, their budget in those years was too tight to accommodate their craft beer needs. The guys quickly decided to begin brewing at home and were then getting great craft beer for a fraction of the price. A few weeks and the cheapest brew equipment you could get later, they had a new brew and it tasted pretty great. A few years and many brews later, they couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier, more efficient, and less laborious brew system out there. They decided that they needed to embark on a much bigger adventure and revolutionize the brewing world. They set out to do just that and Zenith Brewing was created.

living the dream.

We have wished for a long time that there existed some equipment that was just as friendly to the professional as it was to the beginner. We were also put off by the countless hours needed for cleaning and maintaining a successful brew. We want to eliminate these challenges for both the beginner and seasoned homebrewers by using modern technology to give our community the best brewing experience possible.

The Need.

When considering the needs of professional brewers, we decided to create a system that allows them to devote more time crafting new tastes for their fan base and spend less time on grunt work. Prototyping a beer on a small, low-tech setup paired with the inability to adequately repeat the recipe on a commercial system is frustrating and costly. We want to help fix this and make effortless and efficient prototyping possible for the professionals who can’t afford to waste time and need as much small batch precision as they can get.

The Goal.

We plan to make accessible, to new brewers and professionals alike, technology that has never before been available. We can’t tell you too much just yet but subscribe to our list and follow the adventure that Zenith has planned for changing the way you brew beer for the better.

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