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Fully Automated Brewing (add ingredients & pitch yeast, that's all you need to do)

• Fully Automated Cleaning & Sanitizing (yes, seriously)

• See Brew Status & Receive Updates ANYWHERE

• The Nebula will walk you through guided steps if you want to learn to brew

• Patent Pending Technology


From home brewers, to head brewers, and brewmasters, we invite everyone who has an interest in brewing to watch and learn with us as we push the limits of brewing methodology to new heights.

Zenith is the place where traditional brewing methods are applied with high tech hardware and software to yield a scalable brewing system that provides absolute control, flexibility, and consistent results, batch after batch, with far less effort.

Today, we’re just a tiny startup company with a proven prototype. Connect with us for fun updates as our journey on the path to brewing nirvana unfolds.

It took a lot of experimenting

that goes back thousands of years

Well, about 5 for us actually

a time-honored process. refined.

process is always about continuous improvement.

Which is where we shine. Meet the Zenith Team.

Byron Wolfe 

Chief Nerd / Elder Nerd / Nerd Commander / President of the Nerds  

Byron Wolfe began brewing in college where he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from IUPUI. He also was an active member of the To Write Love on Her Arms campus organization where he worked to raise mental health awareness and chaired a campus walk to raise funds for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention called The Out of the Darkness Walk. 

It was here that he met his wife who unknowingly at the time was to become a lifelong brew partner as well.  They also enjoy hiking and spending time with family. 

After college, he started working as a mechanical design engineer and immediately began drafting plans for one brew system to rule them all. He then began working on what began as a small garage project and now has become Zenith Brewing. His favorite brews are hearty Amber Ales and Black IPAs.

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